Commercial Wheelchair Lifts & Elevators

Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk Wheelchair Lifts- Turn Key Additions“Let us make the entrance to your building stairfree.”

  • Vertical Platform Lift

  • Inclined Straight Platform Lift

  • Inclined Curved Platform Lift

  • Lula Elevators

Don’t have the room or the budget for a full sized elevator? Do you need to make modifications to your building to accommodate a tenant who requires ADA compliance?  Then a commercial wheelchair lift or Lula elevator from Virginia Home Elevator, Stairlift and Ramp may be the perfect solution. We have a full selection of models which travel three to fourteen feet and can be installed in an enclosed shaft or we can supply a full exterior or interior enclosure lift keeping lead-time and building modifications to a minimum.


Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Do you need to move a wheelchair up an existing set of stairs?  We can equip just about any type of stairs; indoor, outdoor, straight, curved, or stairs with intermediate landings with an inclined wheelchair lift.  Let us make your building stairfree.

Wheelchair lifts / vertical platform lifts can be confusing; full enclosure units, non enclosed units, fire rated doors, automatic door operation, and manual door operation, in shafts and out of shafts.  Contact us with your application and we will have one of our wheelchair lift experts guide you through the available solutions.  We make selecting a commercial wheelchair lift as easy as 123stairfree.