Wheelchair Lifts & Residential Ramps – Virginia Home Elevator

Wheelchair Lifts for Home & Residental Ramps- Virginia“Let us make the entrance to your home stairfree.”

Do you or your family member need a safe way to get into their home with a wheelchair or scooter but don’t have the room or desire to navigate a long and twisting ramp.  Than a wheelchair lift by Virginia Home Elevator, Stairlift & Ramp may be a perfect solution. For a temporary visit from a loved one, an unexpected injury or to allow recuperation at home we have portable models which can be used as needed and then stored for future use.  A permanent or portable wheelchair lift will allow you to get in and out of your home safely, efficiently without the worry or stress of falling or negotiating a ramp.  Let us make the entrance to your home stairfree.


We offer portable ramps that look as good as they function.  We can arrange to provide a ramp that will allow you to traverse a 2 inch threshold, get a scooter into a van or gain access to the first floor of your home.  Our ramps are available in aluminum, steel, wood and composite materials to meet your needs.  We make having a ramp installed as easy as 123stairfree.