Aging in Place – Important Home Safety Tips For Keeping Your Independence

Home Safety Tips for Aging in Place


Safely Aging in Place Starts with Making Your Home Safe

As we age, our mobility naturally decreases. Hazards around the home that would normally only be a minor inconvenience may quickly become a major problem if the appropriate steps are not taken to protect the residents of that home. Here are a few home safety tips that are of the utmost importance for people who want to explore aging in place safely.

Invest in Foot Protection

One of the most important aspects of protecting aging residence in a home is protecting the feet. In many cases, a less agile person is more likely to stub his or her toe on a piece of furniture or an object on the floor. Things happen, but an aging person is more likely to sustain worse injuries because of the shock of the initial stub. Falls are much more common for elderly people, and a stubbed toe that would only mean a few seconds of pain for a normally agile person may equate to a broken bone for an aging person. Fortunately, house shoes are available for very affordable prices that protect the feet from these kinds of injuries, protecting the rest of the body as well.

Make Appropriate Changes in the Architecture

Many injuries for aging individuals occur getting into or out of the shower or bathtub. In most cases, the lip of the bathtub is too high. An aging person with less mobility may not be able to comfortably step over that lip. This is just one example of a piece of architecture around the house that will usually require substantial investment to change. As an aside, make sure that the bathroom has rugs that soak up the water from showers and tubs.

Make Sure the Entire Home is Easily Accessible

Aging in place comfortably means providing access to all resources around the home conveniently. New technologies such as a home elevator, stair lifts and wheelchair lifts provide aging residents the ability to reach every room in the home without strain. These assets are one of the best investments that a person can make in the convenience and the accessibility of the home. A single home elevator or stair lift makes the entire home usable and accessible.

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