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Is a Home Elevator the Right Mobility Option for Me?

home elevator the right mobility option

Are you considering your home options as you look to the future?  Many seniors jump to the conclusion that they have to move to a single level home in order to maintain access to it should their future mobility be impaired. However you have other options, and a great option for you might be a …

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Four Things To Help Prevent Falls In The Home For Seniors

prevent falls in the home for seniors

Senior Safety – Four Things To Help Prevent Falls In The Home For Seniors Senior safety is an important topic because when it comes to senior fall statistics, the numbers are staggering. One out of three seniors over age 65 falls every year, and more than 2.5 million seniors who fall end up in emergency …

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Things to Consider When Pricing a Residential Elevator Installation

home elevator provides

A residential elevator installation provides many different benefits for the occupants of a home, including increased home value. Unfortunately, a hasty decision could decimate your investment. Before selecting a home elevator for the price alone, think about how these factors will impact the elevator’s price. What levels of the home does the elevator need to serve? …

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ADA Compliant Business Architecture: Advantages of Integrating a Commercial Wheelchair Lift

Home Wheelchair Lift in Virginia Beach, VA

Is a Commercial Wheelchair Lift right for your business?  In order to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses must be accessible to all devices that can be categorized as wheelchairs. In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of mobile devices such as power-driven scooters, golf carts and other pieces of …

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Aging in Place – Important Home Safety Tips For Keeping Your Independence

Home Safety Tips for Aging in Place

  Safely Aging in Place Starts with Making Your Home Safe As we age, our mobility naturally decreases. Hazards around the home that would normally only be a minor inconvenience may quickly become a major problem if the appropriate steps are not taken to protect the residents of that home. Here are a few home …

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